Line Services

MERCITALIA S&T offers customer design services for integrated transportation systems, offering flexible, efficient systems made to fit customers’ cargo transport requirements.

MERCITALIA S&T transports cargo by rail within Italy and internationally. The company is licenced as Railway Company 25 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and has been issued a Safety Certificate for operation on the Italian railway network, where it began operation in June 2003.

Trains operated by MERCITALIA S&T transport goods of all kinds, from lumber to scrap iron, from coal to limestone and combinations of containers, general goods, semi-trailers and hazardous goods).

MERCITALIA S&T also carries passengers, in collaboration with SeaTrain of Civitavecchia (a charter service for cruise passengers travelling through the port of Civitavecchia).

All railway staff members are qualified to drive, check trains and perform technical inspection of vehicles, and work in compliance with current legislation and with the procedures included in the company’s safety management system.